Monday, June 9, 2008

Conan the canceled!

A few days ago I canceled my subscription to Age of Conan. It appears I am not alone. It was not long ago I was excited for AoC to come out. I read up on it, I pre-ordered it, I even started reading the Conan books! I do recommend the books regardless, they are very good. I never did get to the place where the Conan MMO is based off of (2nd volume). I will eventually. The cheap person that I am did not want to pay for a chance to play 3 days in advance. So I eventually got to play a few days after launch.

Looking back, I did have an inkling that this would not work out. There were many signals, from the NDA to the messed up pre-launch. Beta leaks pointed to trouble as well. Then when i finally got to see for myself, I was not impressed.

The graphics are not all that good. I was playing on high and getting 50fps, but they really didn't look that good to me. Not a big deal, as gameplay > graphics... but it was a selling point.

The combat was a nice change from WoW, but not enough to keep my playing the game.

The main reason I canceled was that it is not sufficiently different from WoW. AoC has 80 levels, Battlegrounds, raids and Battlekeeps*. Battlekeeps is the big difference and it seems that for the moment it is poorly executed. Only a very small amount of people will actually get to participate in them, which likely leaves me out. WoW does all of the other things better and has more of it to do... so why would I play AoC?

Now AoC is a MMO, so it will evolve. Maybe in 6 months to a year it will have matured. I will keep watching it and probably give it another go down the line. the Conan lore is quite interesting, so I do have AoC to thank for getting me started reading those books. I hope AoC does well, as competition is good! Hmm, that is the 2nd post I have said that.

* It has other things like mounted combat, but those are the big ones.


I think the conan tower of the elephant developer should do more on its graphics. Many gamers are whining about it.

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