Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DAoC RvR RSS feed Beta

As an experiment and a learning experience, I put together some automatically generated RSS feeds to report on Relic, Keep and Outpost ownership changes in Dark Age of Camelot. So whenever one of these gets captured, you should see it in the RSS feed.


  • RSS 2.0
  • Currently, all feeds will be refreshed every 30 minutes. This can be improved upon in the future, I would like to see it every few minutes.
  • Guild information is not included, it will be phased in later in the beta.
Right now there are 6 Feeds:

*Some of these will be empty, as they are newly created.

Feedback is welcome. This post will change with any updates.


Let's hope WAR releases this kind of info too! It will be nice to have updated feeds running on various sites.

I need to know if a dirty Greenskin is defiling Dwarf property while I am out :)

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