Monday, June 30, 2008

WAR Expansion: Ogre Kingdoms

(This is all speculation of course. The Chrono Chaos time machine is currently broken... thanks syp... so I cannot verify if it will come to pass! My hope with this was to explore horizontal advancement possibilities rather than vertical. There should be no mudflation with what i proposed and it sounds fun to me. Your thoughts are welcome. )

Chaos has spread east to the mighty Ogres of the East. Some have fallen victim to the corrupting power of Chaos, others have rejected it and have vowed to eliminate it from their brethren. The once mercenary people now need your help to spread or fight the growing Chaos!


  • Fight in 3 new RvR/PvE areas in the Mountains of Mourn.
    • T4 zones, 1 for each side and 1 neutral
    • New Ogre-themed fortifications to capture.
  • Capture the opposing Ogre village.
    • Smaller versions of capital cities
  • New loot to plunder from your enemies.
    • Ogre themed armor and weapons, not any better than what is available other T4 areas. More of an emphasis on strength/brutality and a unique Ogre look.
  • New Trophies.
    • You know, those things you can hang from your belt
  • New Crafting ingredients.
    • Gather new ingredients from your enemies or use Ogre influence to purchase them. These would not be any better than what can be found in other areas. They should open up possibilities for new types of improvements.
  • New Dungeon.
    • A new instanced dungeon (1 for each faction or 1 for both).
  • New Quests.
    • Gain influence by doing Quests for Ogres that you support.
  • New Public Quests.
    • RvR and PvE PQ's for loot and influence.
  • New Tome unlocks.
    • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • New scenario.
    • A new Ogre-themed battleground to fight on.
  • New Ogre-themed banners and tactics for guilds
    • Guilds can unlock new banners and tactics here too.
And the big features:
  • Unlock two new classes to play!
    • Use your newly obtained influence to unlock the Bull Ogre and the Ogre Butcher
      • Bull Ogre: Brute strength melee class. No magic and is vulnerable to magic
      • Ogre Butcher: Decent melee, able to provide buff's. No magic, not as armored as the Bull.
    • New classes would have their own mastery, maybe not 3 trees, but some customization possible.
    • Available to Order and Chaos, as they are mercenaries.
    • Expensive influence wise, but should be available to a good chunk of the population eventually.
    • Start at level 1 in any starting area (on your side).
    • Full character creation, so you can look unique.
    • Ogre-Only armor sets
    • The main goal of these classes are to provide new interesting ways of playing the game. Not necessarily meant to be a players main character.
  • Learn new skills from your Ogre allies.
    • Several new skills that can be purchased with influence.
    • Skills would NOT be class specific, rather they would specific to group of classes. Melee skills would be open to a subset of classes, some buffing skills would be open to another subset of classes.


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