Friday, June 13, 2008

WAR Feature: PvP Leveling

The feature I am looking forward to most is that you can level through RvR/PvP. From Level 1, you can go to the RvR part of the map and just fight your way up through the levels. Don't feel like killing 15 boars? No problem, you won't be penalized (through time).

My first exposure to RvR (or a RvR wanna-be) was in LoTRO's PvMP. They had one zone, which was pretty big. It had 5 keeps that could be captured. Each was guarded by NPC's, sub-bosses and bosses. The two sides were the Free Peoples (freeps) and the Monsters (creeps). Freeps were actual player characters, while Monsters were high level creatures that allowed customization. In the beginning, the main purpose of this setup were Destiny points, which could be used in PvE. As time went on, they added a raid instance which could only be entered by the side that controlled the majority of keeps.

Once I started playing PvMP as a creep. I rarely looked back to the PvE game. The mostly constant action and human opponents were just too much fun. Rivalries developed the more we played and got to know the other sides names. I did not need the Destiny Points and just played for fun. Of course during this time, my PvE character sat dormant not progressing at all.

LoTRO is a good game, especially on the PvE side, but their PvP, to me, was more fun. Don't get me wrong, I like PvE too, but I would like to do both. The time I spent in PvMP works against my PvE progression. With PvP leveling, both playstyles will help each other. Seems like the ideal situation.

Another reason why PvP leveling is an important feature is leveling alts. In other, more traditional PvE games, I have always had trouble leveling alts. This is mainly due to the fact that I do not like to redo content. Many times there are different starting areas to try, but eventually you end up in the same places doing the same quests.

In WAR, leveling an alt can be done just doing RvR, which is usually much more dynamic than PvE content. I can easily see myself having a few alts. WAR's varied classes and lower level cap also help, but those are discussions for another time.


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