Monday, July 13, 2015

What I like about the Fallen Empire Story

On the surface, the Fallen Empire story isn't extremely interesting.  A new bad guy appears and threatens the galaxy!  It's pretty standard.   When you consider the Republic, it's almost boring.  The good guys versus the bad guys.  However,  what get's me interested is the Sith.  They are supposed to be the ultimate bad guys.  How do they react to getting pretty much wrecked by someone else?

The interactions with some of the more fun Sith (like Darth Marr) should be really interesting.  I'm really interested to hear their take on it all and how they plan on reacting.  Hopefully, we get to track down some of them as a part of building the Alliance.  We know Lana is involved, but she is pretty tame as far as Sith go.

We don't know much about the bad guys (Eternal Throne) motiviation yet.  So it is hard to say how interesting they will be.  The whole dynamic between the Eternal Emperor and his sons (well, son) are interesting.  Plus, there is a daughter involved somewhere.

Can't wait!