Monday, July 20, 2015

Choice in SWTOR

One of the things BioWare is stressing with Fallen Empire is that Choices will matter.  In the game up until this point, choices have been mostly superficial.  There were no long term effects.  This wasn't always the case though,  in beta you could actually get companions killed and such.  This was taken out due to complaints.

Now that BioWare is back on their original vision, there have been a number of complaints about choices mattering.  Some think a save point is needed, others think the choice consequences, no matter how far down the line, need to be spelled out.  Then there are the types who just want to have everything and lose nothing.

In order for choice to matter, there has to be some meaningful effect.  And to make it meaningful, there has to be some unknown aspects.  I'm sure, in the case of a companion dying, BioWare is going to make sure you know the consequences.  However, other story effects they probably will not.  If you don't like a consequence, well, that's where alts come in.

This new direction is fine with me.  It is certainly something new in the MMO space.  I'm interested to see just how far BioWare takes the choice matters mantra.  Also, will choices extend beyond seasons?  If the season 1 finale can end in different ways, how will that affect subsequent seasons?  Should be interesting.