Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Skyforge, I Don't Know

By all accounts, I shouldn't really be playing Skyforge.  It doesn't have a strong IP which I like.  It is almost an Eastern-style game, but not quite.  There are no Dwarves.  It has a suspect business model, and a suspect track record (Allods).  There is nothing that really makes it unique.  But here I am, playing it.

What got me to try it was the Roman aesthetic you start out with, and the 13 classes which looked pretty cool.  It turns out the combat is kinda fun, the story isn't half bad, and you can get missions done in under a half hour.  So it kinda works for me.

I'm a bit disappointed that I am no where near playing a Gunner, or that the beginning Legionnaire armor set doesn't seem to be an option in the game.  How awesome was that?  I can't believe they don't let you wear it after you become an Immortal.  Ah well.

I'm not sure if Skyforge will have long term appeal for me, like SWTOR does.  But it is a fun diversion for now.  We'll see if I crack open the wallet for some Premium time.