Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brothers, new story

BioWare, Courtney Woods specifically, put out a new story in anticipation of Fallen Empire.  This one centers around the twin brothers we saw in Sacrifice, Thexan and Arcann.  I was really happy to see this since I have been wanting to find out more about the new bad guys.  We only had the trailer to go off of, now some actual details about them are starting to emerge.  We did learn some interesting things.

The Zakuul Knights revere their Emperor as a God, not just a leader.  The Emperor also slayed someone or something called Izax.  That is likely just some flavor though, I don't know if we'll ever find out more.  Thexan seems pretty reasonable, not all that stuck up or maniacal.  Pity he dies.

We also find out the name of the Sith Twi'lik in the trailer, Darth Atroxa.  She's has her fans, for some unknown reason.  All she did was point, and get defeated.  I tend to think of my Sith the way Bane did.  That if one is defeated, they deserved to be as they were weak.  Of course, Bane is not even born yet so maybe I should not think of them like that.  Atroxa was bested by Arcann, so her fate should be sealed.  We didn't actually see a body though, so who knows.

The most interesting tidbit to me was this quote:  “This campaign was his vision,” in reference to Arcann.  It really makes me wonder about the motivations behind this war.  Is it all just to please their father?  That's quite a lot of resources for such a non-strategic task.  It also means that maybe there is more to the Emperor than just wanting to conquer everything.

Also amusing was the Emperor calling the Sith 'quaint.'  I always find it interesting when bad guys encounter other bad guys.  There tends to be some interesting interactions.  Just what kind of bad guys are they, if the Sith are just quaint?  I'm looking forward to finding out more.