Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Hour of Content?

During a recent video about Fallen Empire, Ashe (aka Lady Insanity) mentions that each Chapter will contain at least one hour of story content.  Apparently, she is being given access by BioWare, which is good for her and us.  Remember, BioWare's plan is to release one chapter per month.  At first, I was taken aback by the one hour number, it seems so short.

However, she later clarified that she meant actual story content, like cutscenes and dialog.  Not the total gameplay time.  Ok, that's a bit better.  But just how much is that actually?  I looked around Youtube at the SWTOR videos people had posted.  It turns out, the Prologue for the Trooper story clocked in at about an hour.  That's just story remember, not actual fighting or anything.  Alternatively, it looks like Ziost amounted to around 30 minutes of story content.

If BioWare is able to provide, at minimum, that each month I think I will be pretty satisfied. I'm still a bit skeptical that they can pull it off at a quality level.  That's a lot of content every month.

Trooper Part 1:
Trooper Part 2: