Monday, March 2, 2015


This weekend was a good one for me in STO.  I took full advantage of double XP and got my Romulan to level 50.  Duty Officer missions were just crazy.  I got a critical success on one and it gave me 20k xp!  That's quite a lot.  So I have reached the old cap, only 5 years after launch too.

Here is where the game really starts.  At 50 (Vice Admiral) you can buy end game ships.  Those are T5U and T6.  Up until this point, I was going through a new ship a week so it was hard to get attached and really pay attention to what was going on.  But I pulled out the ol' wallet and bought a Faeht Intel Warbird, which will probably be my main ship for quite some time.

The game really changes at 50 now that I can concentrate on a ship.  Plus, the reputation system opens up, and the specialization system opens up at 51.  I still have loads of content ahead of me, which is nice.  Plus, there are a lot of PvE queues available now too.  I kind of feel overwhelmed.  That's not necessarily a bad thing though.