Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A First?

Yesterday, STO broke the news that they are expanding the Pilot specialization.  Basically, they are talent trees.  Once you reach 50, you get 1 point per level.  Unlike most systems, you can keep on earning points after you hit the cap.  So you keep leveling forever by getting these points to spend.  Cryptic is adding something like 14 new skills.

The thing that was new (to me, at least), was the forum reaction.  There were actually complaints about Cryptic "moving the goalposts" and forcing them to grind more.  It's not normal for a game to add new skills, especially this many, outside an expansion.  They basically gave people more options, and were greeted with a lot of whining.  I'm not sure I'd be cut out for working at a MMO.

I can understand a little angst.  There really may not be enough new content for people who don't want to do what they have been doing for a while now.  They're also the type who feel they must have every skill in the game as soon as possible.  That's clearly not how Cryptic feels, as this system can provide a really high ceiling that could last players years.

Since I have been back in STO, I've really been impressed with the constant stream of news, changes, and additions.  Not all games are like this, so STO players should be a little happy at least.