Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Entitlement and the Delta Recruits

Cryptic recently announced a new event for STO, starting next month.  It's basically a recruitment event for new (and returning) players.  They call it Delta Recruitment.  The idea behind it is that the 'allies' need recruits for the upcoming Iconian war.  It's more than just a simple event to get new players into the game though.

New characters made during the event get some bonuses:

  • Access to some new story missions
  • A nifty delta character next to their name
  • Dilithium for enemies killed.  This is just for the duration fo the event though.  They also give people in their group dilithium. 
  • If you finish a faction story, you get an account wide starship trait
  • Other special rewards while leveling
  • Contributes to server wide goals that provide bonuses for everyone
  • Free character slot
Sounds pretty neat to me.  However, the player response on the forums was sadly as you would expect.  I'll summarize...

"Cryptic, this is terrible!  Everything you do should be directed at me personally!"

It really makes no sense.  It is clear Cryptic made an effort to ensure everyone would have something to gain from this event. Veteran players can get the bonus Dilithioum by grouping with the new characters.  They also can get the trait for their main by rolling an alt.  They also get the server wide bonuses that recruits unlock, which are useful things like bonus skillpoints.  

Plus, Season 10 is coming up quick.  So there is a lot going on with the game.  I wish I could say that about SWTOR.  

All that being said, I probably won't make a Delta recruit.  I just got my Romulan into the 50's and don't really feel like making a new character.  That's ok though, not everything has to be for me.