Friday, March 6, 2015

Odds and Player Views

Yesterday, STO introduced a new ship to the game, the Tier 6 Jem'Hadar Strike Ship.  You can obtain it as a random drop from an R&D Pack (which is like a lockbox, but has crafting materials).  From what I've heard, the odds of getting it are pretty slim.  You wouldn't know that from being in game though.  STO broadcasts when someone wins a ship.  Last night, I saw quite a few people winning these ships.

So that made me wonder.  Just how many of these R&D Packs are people buying?  Have I vastly underestimated peoples willingness to gamble?  Are they using Dil to buy Zen rather than actually paying?  Is the drop rate of the ship not actually that low?  All questions I'll probably never have the answer to.

I visit the STO forums and Reddit occasionally.  One thing I have noticed is there is a contingent of doomsayers (as with every game) but they are particularly aggressive.  Apparently, STO putting a new ship in the c-store is a sign that STO is dying.  Nevermind that it is their business model.  Also, when there is a sale on items, it is a sign of the game dying.   Stores have sales all the time for a lot of reasons, and they aren't dying.  Just some strange behavior I'm noticing as I explore my first real F2P game.  I don't consider SWTOR in the same league.