Friday, March 13, 2015

Event Mania

STO likes events, a lot.  Sure, they don't have the hourly variety anymore, but they almost always have something going on.  Right now things are a bit crazy, as there is a ton of stuff going on in the game.  I, as usual, am not taking enough advantage of it.

1)  Jem'Hadar Ship Promotion.  You can get the new shiny ship from R&D boxes.  I plan on getting a few packs later in the month during a R&D bonus event.

2)  Hearts and Minds.  Special Friday the 13th mission is available the new couple of days, with special rewards of course.

3)  Crystalline Cataclysm Event.  Running this instance 14 times will net a bunch of rewards.

4)  Bonus Marks.  This weekend, you get bonus Fleet and Reputation marks from doing your normal stuff.

So yeah, quite a bit going on this weekend.  The ship and Crystalline events last for a few weeks, while the others are just weekend.  Still, it is pretty good.  Compare that to SWTOR which has nothing really going on :(  This does beg the question, are there too many events?  STO has something special nearly every weekend.  Does it lose its luster quickly?