Friday, February 27, 2015

Quite a Weekend

Big gaming weekend for me coming up!  Star Trek Online is having a Double XP weekend (well, longer than that).  As I am still leveling, this will be a big help.  The XP was just pouring in last night between missions and Duty Officers.  I should be a good bit into my 40's by the time it is over.  The great things is that missions scale in STO, so I will not be out-leveling any content.

As if that were not enough, they are also have a ship sale in the c-store.  While I am still leveling, I don't really need any of those special ships.  However, now might be the time to buy my T6 Intel ship, the Faeht Intel Warbird.  It's $6 off this weekend.  Now, a T6 isn't a necessity, but it might just be cool to have.  It looks nice and has some nice abilities.  Plus, I like the word Intel.

So I'm thinking I may as well pick that up while it's on sale.  Spending $24 in the c-store is a lot, but it's really just less than 2 months subscription.  I have no plans to buy anymore ships, so I think it'll be worthwhile.