Friday, February 13, 2015

Heading Offworld

Stardock/Mohawk Games released their new economic RTS game yesterday: Offworld Trading Company.  By released, I mean early access.  Normally, I'd shy away from early access, but this is Stardock and the guy who made Civ 4.  So they get a pass.  It's available through Steam too.

I don't play RTS's much anymore, I used to though.  This is a new take on the genre, as it's not about combat.  Instead it is about economic decisions with some shady dealings on the side.  The games are meant to be pretty fast and different each time.  Random maps, AI for solo play, and multiplayer are all available.  Multiplayer looks like it will be a big part of its future, with ladders planned.  I'm unsure if I will partake, all depends on how reflex intensive it plans on being.  With no units to command, it may be slow enough for me to compete.

I only played a little last night, but it was fun.  I lost my first game, but I was still just figuring out what was going on.  You can see a clip of my defeat below.