Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I am a blogger

Surprise!  Syp posted an article about the need for both bloggers and game journalists.  I thought it was pretty good.  I agree that there is a need for both.  Although, I can't really speak to the journalist side of things.  It's pretty clear that a journalist I am not.  For one,  I don't write nearly well enough.  That's ok though, I have other strengths (I use that term loosely) that hopefully make up for my lack of writing prowess.

I am also pretty biased, which should be obvious.  I only write about things I like.  You won't find much in the way of posts about games I don't play here.  90% of what I write about is positive too,  I don't find negative writing to be very fun so I don't do it.  Doing in my own way is part of what being a blogger is all about.

I tend to hold journalists to a higher standard, both with quality and perceived bias.  They are usually getting paid for their work, so I expect more.  That being said, I am sometimes compensated too, but never with direct cash.  For example, Mythic brought be down to their HQ a couple of times, put me up in a hotel, fed me, and showed me cool stuff.  I consider that compensation.  As a blogger,  getting involved with the things I already like is a dream come true.

I tend to prefer bloggers to major game sites.  Usually, I go to a blog to read about a game I am playing, or a game I am thinking about playing.  I want to read experiences, so I know what they game is like.  Or if I am already playing a game, to learn something new.  That's the good thing about Massively, they do news, but they also talk about they games they are actively playing.  So I was happy to support their kickstarter.