Friday, November 14, 2014

Tatooine Stronghold

One of my recent goals in SWTOR has been to get my hands on a Massive Anti-Air Turret.  These things just look awesome, plus they shoot!  They are not cheap though, and I didn't have any luck getting one in a Seneschal pack.  On The Ebon Hawk, they were going for around 2 million credits.

I decided I would save up for it.  As dallies are not my thing, I earned my credits through PvP.  It wasn't long before I had enough saved up and bought one.  Now, this decoration won't really fit in my Nar Shadda stronghold, or Kaas City/Coruscant.  That leaves Tatooine, which is the most expensive of the lot.

So I broke out the Cartel Coins and bought myself the stronghold.  I have to have someplace to put my new decoration right?  Check out the Turret and the stronghold in the video below!