Monday, November 10, 2014

Doom and gloom for SWTOR?

Over the weekend, I was sad to discover that the latest EA financial fillings.  You can read them for yourself here, just search for Old Republic.  The TLDR of the filings is that the revenue coming from SWTOR is down in pretty much every case.  They even grouped it with SimCity, which cannot be a good sign.

I thought about the situation and just could not put any kind of positive theory behind it.  SWTOR just seems to be making less money than it was a quarter, six months, a year ago.  That's not to say it isn't profitable.  Just because revenue is down doesn't mean they are losing money.

So why is SWTOR losing money?  One theory is that it is the result of not putting out new PvE/PvP content for quite a while.  This report is coming near the end of a drought.  However,  Galactic Strongholds cam out during this quarter for subscribers.  I really would have thought it would have provided a nice boost.

 I'm not too worried about it all though.  The 3.0 expansion was announced, pre-orders were taken, 12xp happened and a lot of players are playing the game.  So I'll be interested in seeing what next quarters report says about SWTOR.  If it is still not positive, my confidence will start to be shaken.