Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Rewards!

I've got some stuff to giveaway :)  By taking it, you'll also be helping me test Social Questing.  So it is a win win!  I have a few Tauntaun Fawn pet codes for SWTOR left over, so they are available.  I also have some Early Access codes for  Forge is a really neat always-on game streaming service.  I like it a lot.  You might too :)

NOTE:  All out of Tauntaun Fawn codes!  Thanks for helping test :)

To get the codes, just use the Social Questing widget on the right sidebar.  Sign-in and do a couple quests.  That should be enough for you to claim a reward which are 50 points (You get 20 for signing in the first time).  The code will be displayed, and it will also be on

Enjoy!  Let me know if there are any issues.