Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where was I?

It started off so simple.  I just wanted to do my Imperial Agent's class quests on Nar Shaddaa.  Easy right?  Well it kind of snowballed into a weeks worth of activity.  The first issue, my Agent was only level 19.  The initial quest is level 21.  I could do it, but I like to be on-level when doing my class quests.  I was in a PvP kind of mood, so I decided to get the two levels that way.  It took a few days of queuing due to limited time, but I eventually made it to 21.  Thanks XP boost!

Now I'm level 21, time to start questing?  Not quite yet.  My gear is very out of date.  I'm using Adaptive Armor ( yay Gold Scalene!), so I am going to need new modules.  Luckily, I have an Armstech and a Cybertech which can craft what I need.  Problem, all of my crafting materials are on my Armstech.  Lucky for me, 2.9 introduced Legacy Storage.  However,  I have not gotten Cargo Storage setup in my stronghold yet so transferring them would be a pain.

I can get Cargo Access through crafting or buying the Utility Bundle off of the Cartel Market.  I'm going with the latter, as it also gets me things like GTN terminals too.  Speaking of GTN terminals, I want to have one in my Officers Club, so I'll need furniture for that too.  Luckily, there is a Cantina Bundle which supplies a lot of neat stuff.  But what is a club without a Jukebox?  I need to have music in there.  I think it is only available via Cartel Packs (or on the GTN) so I need to look into that.  Wait, what was I doing?  Oh right, my Imperial characters need a Stronghold to access Legacy Storage, so I better move into my Dromund Kaas pad.

So, yeah.  There is plenty to do in SWTOR at the moment.  I hope I eventually get to do the missions I set out to do, although I don't mind the distractions.