Thursday, September 11, 2014


Some SPOILERS to follow.  This week, I have been preparing myself for the new SWTOR 2.10 content.  The final act of the Forged Alliances story arc happens in the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint.  While I have avoided most information about what happens, I do know that Revan is back.

Now I did read the Revan book, but have forgotten most of it.  I also have not really done anything involving Revan in SWTOR.  So before I witness the big reveal, I'm doing a little preparation.

As I don't have time to reread the novel, Wikipedia is here to help.  That gets us caught up to SWTOR.

In game, there are a few Flashpoints which involve Revan.  I only know the Republic side.  First is the Taral V Flashpoint.  That leads into the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint which deals more directly with Revan.  Both are mid-range instances and are easily solo-able by my 55.  I never did these while leveling, so it has been fun to see their cinematics.

The Revan saga, as we knew it, ends in the Foundry Flashpoint for Imperial players.  As I don't have an Imp high enough,  I found a good youtube video of the Revan fight.  There is some nice dialog, and of course, no body after the fight.

Overall, it has been a lot of fun getting immersed in the story.  I look forward to seeing how Revan comes back.