Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seattle Cantina or Any Expansion News?

Over the weekend, the SWTOR team held a Community Cantina at Pax Prime in Seattle.  They tend to do this every month or two.   They give out stuff, talk to the players, and hold a Q&A.  I've not been to one personally, but they look like a lot of fun.  Of course, this time there was a lot of speculation leading up to the event about if they would detail the impending expansion.

Short answer, no, they did not reveal any news about the expansion.  I am a little disappointed, but not surprised.  The next patch, 2.10, ushers in part 3 of the Forged Alliances story arc.  This is supposed to lead into the expansion, so announcing details prior to it would have been strange.  Once 2.10 drops, I think we will start to get more information about the expansion.  I cannot wait for that to happen!

In the mean time, you can watch the Q&A portion of the event below.  None of the answers really stood out to me, except that they are currently working on an Operation.  I'd be shocked if the expansion launched without one, so not a big surprise.