Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unreasonable SWTOR Expansion Wishes

With Forged Alliances Part 3 going live, we will soon find out about the 3.0 expansion.  In fact, BioWare came out and said we'll get a teaser in a week or so and the full announcement by the end of the month.  I can't wait!  But for now, it is time to hope and dream about what could be.  These are doubtful in my opinion, but a guy can dream.

Two New Classes.  One for each side.  This would be a gigantic effort to pull off.  They could be mirrors, but it would still be two new fully voiced and cinematic class stories.  If BioWare said they were doing this, it would blow me away, along with all my money.  I haven't finished the current classes, but still new ones would be fantastic.

New Starting Planet.  Since I am already asking for new classes, why not throw a new starting planet (or two) on there as well?  I really wouldn't mind them using an existing world for the new classes, but new ones would be cool too.

New Class Stories.  As much as I want to hope for new class stories, I still thinks it belongs on the crazy list.  There is just so much involved in making them for 8 classes that I just don't think it is likely.  Another chapter for each would make me quite happy though.

Mon Calamari.  I would love to see Mon Cal's as a playable race.  I have this fantasy of rolling a Mon Cal Smuggler.  In fact, I have been holding off for that very reason.  Sadly,  I'm not sure they are popular enough to make the cut.  Of course, I didn't think Cathar would be either, so who knows?

World PvP.  I'd love to see the return of open world PvP.  It is so hard to do right, especially when you just have two factions.  I'm thinking BioWare is going to keep it to events like the Gree and Rakghoul.

New Crew Skill.  More crafting?  Sign me up!  Of course, I really don't know what purpose a new one could fill.  There aren't really any gaps they could fill.  That doesn't mean BioWare won't introduce new stuff to create those gaps.

I hope I am underestimating BioWare, but I am really not expecting any of the above.  What's on your list?