Monday, September 8, 2014

Collector's Edition Madness

I received an E-Mail from Trion about their upcoming expansion for Rift, Nightmare Tide.   In it, they mention there would be three collector's editions for the expansion.  Now, a CE for an expansion is nothing new, but three?  I found that to be a little much.  Then I looked at the details.

The first, Typhoon, costs $24.99.  Ok, that is pretty affordable, although that sounds more like a pre-order price to me.  It also includes things like two new equipment slots which sound required.  So maybe that is just the standard pre-order?

The second edition, Infusion, costs $49.99.  Ok, that sounds more like a true CE price.  In includes an instant level 60 character boost, plus a bunch of other items.  If I were a Rift player, this is likely where I would jump in.

Then there is the third CE, Ultimate Nightmare.  It costs, get ready for it, $149.99.  I had to re-read that a few times to make sure it was true.  I've spent that much on a CE before, but it was for the game, not an expansion pack.  The big ticket item, to me at least, is a new dimension.  It's pretty cruel that they include that in this pack.  Trion sure has some gusto pricing a CE for an expansion pack that high.

All that being said, what would I do if SWTOR followed suit?  I'd certainly be in at $50.  If they included a cool stronghold (Manaan or Rakata Prime) and priced it at $150, I'd be a bit upset, but I would give it some serious thought.  The expansion would have to contain a serious amount of content though.  I can't see paying $100 just for extra virtual items.

I hope the upcoming SWTOR expansion pack does have a Collector's Edition version.  As long as it is reasonably priced, I'll definitely purchase it.  Take my money BioWare, just not all of it :)