Tuesday, September 30, 2014


By today, we were supposed to hear about SWTOR's 3.0 expansion plans.  Yesterday, however, BioWare came on the forums and told us that there would be no news regarding the expansion for a couple more weeks.  The reason giving is that they were still working out a subscriber perk.  This was all very disappointing to hear.  I had been looking forward to the news.  It also raises some questions as to why they would delay it.

Hedging.  This is probably the most disturbing scenario as to why a subscriber perk is holding up everything..  BioWare could feel that the announcement itself is pretty lackluster and they need something else to bolster it.  

All or Nothing.  This is probably the most likely.  BioWare has decided only to release all their info in a grand announcement.  The subscriber perk is still not definite, so it is holding up everything else.  I'd much prefer something over nothing, but I'm not BioWare.

Something Else.  Something other than a subscriber perk is holding things up.  A perk might be more palatable, so they went with that as the reason for the delay.  Maybe the webpage for the announcement just isn't ready?  Could be anything really, lots of moving parts.

On a more positive note, BioWare reaffirmed that they are planning for the expansion to launch this year.

I'm glad they are adding a perk for subscribers, but at this point I'd much rather know some of the features coming in the expansion.  Even if it was not a complete list, I'd take it.  Instead we'll be waiting a couple more weeks.  I wonder what they will be showing on the Community Cantina drives next month?