Saturday, November 16, 2013

X Rebirth: Stuck Trading Energy Cells in the Tutorial - Solution

For the past day, I have been stuck trying to complete the tutorial.  Specifically, the part where you are supposed to buy and sell 100 e-cells.  From the looks of it, people are stuck at all parts.  I finally got by this mission today, here is how.

1)  Freighter not buying E-Cells?  Taking the side mission seems like it overrides your buy order.  So you may want to wait for the freighter to complete his mission of buying the e-cells before taking the other one.

2)  Freighter bought the goods, but won't deliver them?  This one took a while for me, I went to the destination system and waited.  I watched the freighter via map using the SM option in Property Info.  He slowly made his way to me.  Once he arrived, I made the sell order.

3)  Freighter at destination but won't sell?  Have too many trips planned?  This solution work for other issues as well.

  • Open your saved game (back it up first) file at ' My Documents/egosoft/x rebirth/<number>/save 
  • Search it for '<shopping>'
  • Remove all entries inside of the shopping tag
  • Save file, start up X Rebirth and reissue the sell order
For me, this fixed my problem and I was successfully able to complete the mission. 

This thread is what got me the saved game answer.