Friday, November 15, 2013

X Rebirth: Capturing a Ship

One of the most enjoyable activities in the X series is capture a ship.  In X Rebirth you can also do that.  This simple guide is for capturing small ships.  Capital ships require Marines.  So to capture a small ship, just do the following steps.

1)  Hire a pilot.  You must have one aboard if you want to claim an abandoned ship.  Be sure to ask other ships where you can find one, it saves a lot of time.

2)  Attack your target.  Go slow and get his hull low, be careful not to destroy your prize.  You will hopefully see an escape pod jettison from the ship, unless they are being stubborn and going down with it.

3)  Once abandoned, get close and bring up the claim menu while targeting the vessel.    You should see a pod leave your ship and attach to the target.

4)  It should now be yours!  I did this against a small Hydrogen Harvester.  Once my pilot had taken control, I gave her orders to start collecting Hydrogen.  Good times :)