Friday, November 22, 2013

So much to play!

I have a problem.  There is a ton of stuff I want to do, and not enough time in the day.  This pesky day job takes up a majority of my time.  Maybe I should think about retirement.  Overall, having too much to play is better than not having enough.  Lets run it down.

Europa Universalis 4.  I've been playing as Venice, but I really want to give Portugal a go.  The Conquest of Paradise expansion comes out December 11th and features randomized territory to explore.  I may hold off on playing again until then.

Galactic Starfighter.  SWTOR's next expansion comes out in early December (for subscribers).  I am in the beta for it and have had a good time.  It is a different experience from the rest of the game and could be just what the Doctor ordered to freshen things up.

Mystery Beta.  I was recently invited to a new beta.  It's a game I have been keeping my eyes on, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

X Rebirth.  The latest in the X franchise, rebirth has been a mixed bag so far.  The Egosoft team has been releasing patches and the mod community has been hard at work.  It's improving daily and has been scratching my space itch.

XBox One and Dead Rising 3.  My XBox One arrives today!  I ordered Dead Rising 3 to go along with it.  I'll definitely be spending some time with the new system and game.

Metallica Pinball.  I wrote earlier in the week about my new toy, Metallica pinball.  With all of the above to do, I'll need to squeeze in some time to play this guy.  So far it has been pretty fun, although a bit challenging.  I really need to practice more.