Monday, November 4, 2013

WAR is now Free to Play

Over the weekend, Mythic had a little surprise for us.  They disabled the subscription free and activated everyone account.  That means if you ever played WAR, and were not banned, you can now play again!  So for the next month and a half, WAR will be free to play.

In the announcement, they mention there will be NPC's to power you up.  I did a quick run through of the capital and did not see them, so they may be adding them soon.  I expect these new NPC's to boost Character Rank to 40 and maybe Renown Rank too.

The announcement also says "other unique experiences", which is a complete mystery to me.  Once I find out what they are I'll be sure to cover it ;)  Honestly, it's feels good to post about WAR again. I'm pretty interested to see what the free to play change does to the server populations.