Friday, November 15, 2013

The Call of Eve Online

Eve Online and I actually have a long history.  I think my account there is around 7 years old.  The problem is, I can never seem to spend more than a month or two there before I call it quits.  But the game always end up drawing me back.

I've played Eve mostly for its economic systems.  Combat never really grabbed me, but the lure of making millions of isk through trading or manufacturing does bring me back.   I've never been particularly good at it, as I always start off strong, but lose interest in the end.

The problem is that it ends up feeling too much like work.  Most of it ends up devolving into a lot of traveling.  Unless you are doing station trading, hauling goods from one system to another ends up being a lot of traveling.

To manufacture goods, you need raw materials.  Unless you mine these yourself, you are going to have to buy them.  Whether you find a low priced sell order, or place your own buy orders... you're going to be traveling.  I suppose you could contract it delivery, but that takes time.

Just writing this post has lessened my desire to play Eve.  The good news is that X Rebirth is out today!  That should give me my space fix.  More on that next week.