Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now, Where Was I?

Yesterday, I logged into Rift for the first time in a long while.  Probably since launch.  I just can't resist a new expansion, plus I liked what I saw during my tour of the new content.  It's a bit jarring logging into a game after so long, I didn't even know what kind of character I had.

Turns out I had a level 12 Warrior on Seastone (PvP Server).  I thought I had a rogue, but that must have been beta.  He had his points reset and bags full of I don't know what.  Plus, he looked a little bit chilly.

I really need to get him some decent looking armor.  It also looks like I have a free server transfer, so I may get off of the PvP server.  Really don't feel like getting ganked.  When I logged in, I decided to give the Instant Adventure system a try.  It was.... interesting.

It put me in a group very quickly, and before I knew it I was getting experience and quests were advancing.  I was not even with the group yet, so I had no clue what was going on.  I finally caught up with them and they were just slaughtering the quests, must have been mentored down?  Anyway, I finished off level 12 by just doing what I could with my un-allocated souls.

The expansion goes live today, so I'll spend a some more time with the game and see if I can get myself a nice soul build.  Going to hard to resist the tempest soul as it adds a ranged component.