Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New WAR Vendor

When 1.4.8 launches (Monday!) a new vendor will have taken up shop near the RvR Equipment vendors. His title is Novelty Vendor, but what he sells is anything but.  WAR 1.4.8 introduces a new single RvR currency, the War Crest.  It can be spent on armors, weapons, and the goods this new vendor provides.

Let's take a look at what he has for sale...

The pocket items have some interesting bonuses:  200% XP, turn off XP gain, 200% Renown gain, and 200% Influence gain.  These items decay in 8 hours, except for the XP-Off item which does not decay.

For 40,000 War Crests you can purchase a Funerary Shroud!  There are 3, each which a different active affect.  They all provide 3 talisman slots and +172 resists.  They are the ultimate Back (unless you want to keep a set bonus going.  Previously, you could only obtain these in the Land of the Dead by opening spawns out in the world.

The other two types are shrouds are available as well.  The Head Shot is a barber shop token.  Call to WAR allows you to teleport back to the city and has 5 charges.   And my favorite... the Burning Elixir!  This turns you, temporarily  into an Aspect of fire and much fun can be had.

They have also added a number of dyes, including rare ones, to the new vendor.

Overall, I really like the selection.  There will be plenty to spend your War Crests on, especially if you still need your armor and scenario weapons.  The Novelty vendor is just icing on the cake.