Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New and Improved

If you have been to the blog in the last couple of days you might have noticed the new Sites with Benefits widget.   If not, it is on the right hand side of the page.  I think it looks much better than the old version, but I'm sure there is still room for improvement.  What do you think?

Beta!  Sites with Benefits is now in a state where I feel comfortable having other people use it on their sites. I added a several beta codes as a Reward, so if you are interested you can grab one and get started.  Just logging in will give you enough points to obtain one. 

Missions.  Sites with Benefits is up to 13 mission types.  Those include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Google +1 sharing along with Polls, Video/URL Submissions, Trivia and more!  

Next Giveaway.  Next week (Monday), the WAR Giveaway will begin.  The big prize will be a 60-day time-card, but I hope to have some other rewards you can choose from as well.  I'm also going to be trying out a new kind of Mission which involves doing some tasks in the game. 

Overall, I think the project is going well.  I find it pretty useful, and I hope others will too.