Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Robot, a Tank and a Superboss

In the latest Developer Dispatch, BioWare lays out some of the details about the upcoming 1.5 patch.  This one is pretty exciting if I do say so myself.  First we have the robot: HK-51.  We'll be able to obtain, probably the best character ever made for a video game, in the upcoming patch!  He looks to be a tank and dps companion.

The video also mentioned a new kind of mount, a tank!  Sure, it is a rare drop from the upcoming Nightmare mode Explosive Conflict Operation, but that doesn't make it less awesome.  Oh how I would love to own one of those, but as a non-raider that isn't going to happen.

Or is it?  Bioware, you want to know what I would buy in the Cartel store?  A tank mount!  Not seen is me virtually throwing my Cartel Coins at the monitor.  I can understand why it might have to be a very rare mount though.  Can you imagine the Fleet packed with tanks?  I still want one though.

There is also a new area opening up for players, Section X.  It's for capped players to do dailies, group quests and take on a world boss (Dreadtooth) who gets bigger and badder with each defeat.  The HK-51 questline also starts here.

Is Free to Play coming with 1.5?   That's a big question which I don't know the answer to.  Ther are talking F2P up, and it is on the PTS... so there is a chance it might be.  What better time than with the HK-51 content?  There is a rumor floating around that F2P will launch with it though.