Tuesday, September 11, 2012

XP Boost Giveaway

UPDATE:  Codes are all gone, thanks for the help testing!  I have more codes to give, so look for another test soon :)

It's time for another Wrath of Heroes XP Boost Giveaway!  This time is special though.  To give out the codes I am using a new project of mine, temporarily named Project Murdock.  It's a web system that rewards you, the readers, with points for doing some basic stuff like visiting the page or leaving a comment.

To obtain a WoH code, you need to earn 45 points.  There are 4 missions you can do to gain those points.  You can click on Missions link (bottom of post) to see what's available, and find links mentioned below.

Sign In.  Using the widget below, sign in and get a cool 20 points.  You can use exisiting logins ( Google, Twitter and more), so no need to create a new account.

Daily Visit.  You'll also receive 5 points just for stopping by.

Visit Tarelther.  Tarelther has a whole bunch of Wrath of Heroes videos, so visiting his site will get you 10 points.

Leave Feedback.  I'd like to know what you think about the project (other than the looks, I know it is ugly :)    If you leave a comment, you'll get another 10 points.  You can even do it as a Guest.

Now that you have 45 points, click on the Rewards link and you should be able to Redeem those points for a Wrath of Heroes XP Boost code (1 per person).

You can also visit http://projectmurdockhm.appspot.com/  to see a log of points you've received and any rewards you have obtained.  Please let me know of any issues.  Thanks!  P.S.  This is a project I am planning on opening up to other people to use :)

NOTE:  The codes being given out have expired :(  Do redeem them still though. I will have new ones tomorrow, so just e-mail me the code you get (address is on the right side) and I'll return you a working one.  Sorry for the trouble, didn't realize that they could expire.

NOTE #2.  The new codes have come in!   They are actually 7-day 100% XP codes and are in the system.  If you redeem your points now, you should get one.  If you got an old expired code from before, send me an e-mail with it and I'll give you a new one.

NOTE #3.  New mission added!  More rewards to come :)