Friday, September 14, 2012


One of the things that has always bothered me about Wrath of Heroes was their Elite Tactic system.  These powerful options were only available from an expensive Ornate Chest.  You were sure to receive an Elite Tactic, but it was random.  These are necessary to compete at the high end of WoH, so the random aspect never sat well with me.

Turns out that Mythic has been listening and is introducing the Alchemy system next week.  It basically lets you do something with all those duplicate normal tactics you might have and even extra elite tactics.  The important part is, you can create an Elite Tactic by combining five of the same normal tactic.  It will still cost you 40,000 gold but you get the tactic you want.

One way to get those normal tactics is to purchase heroes and unlock them with Mastery Points.  Those points are gained with levels, making XP important.  I'm currently giving away 7-Day 100% XP boosts, so stop on by :)

Is it the perfect solution?  I'm not sure.  I had always thought selling Elite Tactics individually in the store would have been easier and made Mythic some money.  That might walk the Pay 2 Win line though, so maybe Alchemy is a better way to go about it.