Monday, September 10, 2012

Werit does PlanetSide 2

On Friday, SoE announced its Alpha Squad promotion for PlanetSide 2.  basically, you can buy your way into the beta test, get 4,000 Station points and some other free stuff.  I've been looking to get into this game for a while now, so I shelled out the cash.  After work, I was in the game. Ah, modern gaming technology.

I had missed the boat on the original PlanetSide, and to be honest, I suck at FPS games.  I think I used to be ok at them back when Quake 3 was around, but now I am just terrible.  Keyboard/mouse, 360 controller, it really makes no difference.  I hit everything except what I am aiming at.  Still, the lure of PlanetSide 2 was too strong.

I ended up going Smurf (New Conglomerate).  The Vanu are alien, sleek and purple... therefore not for me. The Terran Republic is more my style, but overpopulated.  So I went with the NC.  Probably will do the same when the game launches, need to develop some faction pride.

I'll talk more about PS2 later in the week, but let me share a memorable moment from the weekend.  I had joined a 12-man squad (using a WAR-esque Public Group system) and we were defending some big installation from a TR assault.  The TR had an incoming Galaxy (transport plane) trying to drop off some troops.

It was just about to make the drop when one of our own Galaxies kamikazied into it, blowing up both ships. The resulting explosion was rather large.  It was also the turning point of the assault and we managed to hold the base.  I was playing an Engineer at the time, defending our squads Galaxy and repairing it.   We then hopped in and went off to retake another base.