Monday, September 24, 2012

What WAR means to me

In honor of WAR's 4th Birthday I am going to do something I never do on this blog, get personal.  I've avoided doing it for years, as it is just the kind of person I am.  But this is a story I want to share and explains why WAR will always be special to me.

Around 2006, my wife and I decided to try and have a baby.  Everyone makes it look so easy to do, but in our case it was not.  Eventually, with the help of Doctors we were able to get pregnant.  Now, I am a naturally nervous person... always have been.  This event turned that up a few notches for sure, but we were very happy.

Sadly, that all ended one day in an Emergency Room.  It ended up being an Ectopic pregnancy, and my wife was rushed to surgery.  Needless to say, we lost the baby and it it was looking like my wife would be unable to have another.

Fast forward a year or so... medical science (IVF) is an amazing thing these days.  With the help of more doctors and even more money my wife was expecting again.  If I was nervous before, now I was scared out of my mind that something bad was going to happen.

This is where WAR came into the picture.  It still had a bit to go before launch, but reading all about it and starting this blog to write about it provided the perfect distraction.  The timing could not have been better, as the same week WAR went live my first daughter was born. Like WAR, she is now 4 years old.

A couple years later when my wife was pregnant again, WAR was still there to provide a distraction so I didn't constantly worry.  Everything went fine that time too :)

So thank you to Mythic and all those who work(ed) on WAR.  You and your game helped me through some very rough times.  I will always be grateful for that.  Happy Birthday!