Sunday, September 30, 2012

Civilization 5 Giveaway

Thanks to XCOM Enemy Unknown, I now am in possession of an extra copy of Civilization 5.  That means it is time for another giveaway!  Civ 5 is an excellent game and I highly recommend it, especially when it is free.  So, how can you get your hand on it?

We'll be using Sites with Benefits (formerly known as Project Murdock), which is a project of mine.  Since I have only a single game to giveaway, it is a perfect chance to test out the lottery functionality.  As usual, you can earn points a few ways.  Then you can spend those points on buying lottery tickets.  You can buy as many as you want.

Reward.  Free copy of Civilization 5 for Steam.  The lottery will end on Saturday, October 6th at 12pm EST.  Each ticket costs 15 points and you can buy as many as you want.  Or, you can do the missions and save the points for another giveaway.

If you sign in using twitter, you may want to stop by and enter an email address so you can be notified if you won the lottery.  Otherwise, it will show up in the Rewards Earned tab after the lottery ends.


Sign In.  Using the widget on the left side of the screen, sign in and get a cool 20 points.  You can use existing logins ( Google, Twitter and more), so no need to create a new account.

Daily Visit.  You'll also receive 5 points just for stopping by.  (Daily mission)

Trivia.  Answering a question about Civilization can get you 10 points.  You only have one chance to answer, so choose wisely.

Tweet.  Sent a tweet about this giveaway and receive 15 points.  Just use the link on the Mission window to send it out.

Comment.  Which civilization is your favorite?  Leave it in a comment and get 5 points!  (Daily mission)


Please let me know of any problems, as Sites with Benefits is still in its beta phase.  Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!