Monday, February 13, 2012

LoL Milestone

I've recently returned to playing League of Legends, instead of just watching it.  I've been in a competitive mood the last few weeks, and it is a great outlet for that kind of thing.  On Saturday, I reached a milestone: Level 20.

Sadly, that is not the level cap. I still have 10 more to go before I get there.  However, at level 20 I can start purchasing Greater Runes.  These stat modifiers are bought with influence points, which I have been saving up for a while thanks to advice from people on twitter.

I've been playing Soraka pretty much exclusively.  I really do enjoy the support role, and Soraka does seem to help the team out.  Between my 3 heals and the silence, I have some fun.  Sadly, she will see a nerf in the upcoming patch but I'm not too worried about it.

Mana management is an area where I can adjust and learn, so I am confident it will not hurt my Soraka play much at all.  Since I am just buying Runes, I may as well add a few mana regen ones as well.  Other than that, not much will change.  Once team fights start, I try and save Infuse for its silence anyway.