Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Producers Letter

Yesterday we got a bit of a surprise.  A new Producers Letter was posted for Warhammer Online.  We had not had one for a while in favor of less formal communication.  I was very pleased to see it though, especially since it has some interesting information inside.

You can find the full letter here.  

1.4.6.  The letter confirms that 1.4.6 will be primarily about fixing bugs.  A number of important ones have already been fixed in the 1.4.5 cycle, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with some dedicated time. 

1.4.7.  Here is where we get some new information.  One of the primary features of this patch will be something called Dynamic Objectives.  
This system is designed to provide objectives that will tie into the campaign based on dynamic variables. An example of this would be that as forces draw together and engage in the lake, a new objective will spawn that will provide resources or rewards to the warring parties. The goal is to give more fun and rewarding things to do that revolve around small to medium scale skirmishes.
It really is not much to go on, but it does sound interesting.  Smaller fights are always a plus, especially since they tend to lead to larger engagements.  I kind of wish this was not pushed back to 1.4.7 now that I know about it.  Bug fixing is good though.

Live Event.  The letter also talks about a new live event.  Not much is said about it, but the way it is worded makes me wonder.
As well, we have a new Live Event type encounter in the works that will pop up in a later patch and evolve over time. We’ll have more information about this as we move forward, but the operative word here is demons.
What does 'evolve over time' mean?

Names.  Turns out they are looking into giving players a way to claim an inactive name.   That is very interesting, could Tirew go back to being Werit?

Store.  They did make a quick mention about items for the store.  Please, give me a way to purchase very basic level 40 characters.  I just want to start in Tier 4.

Overall, it was a decent letter.  Nothing too crazy is being hinted at, which is to be expected.  Dynamic Objectives are something to look forward to, hopefully we'll get more information about them soon.