Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 2800 Let Down

Featured Episodes are my favorite aspect of Star Trek Online.  In the past, they have provided high quality content in small chunks over a period of several weeks.  In addition to great storytelling, they included some interesting effects and rewards.  Sadly, the latest Featured Episode, The 2800, did not continue that trend.

There will be some minor spoilers, but really, there is not much to spoil.

Voice Acting.  The quality of the voice acting in the 2800 was sub-par, especially compared to previous episodes.  It sounded like they used people from around the office, which just did not work well.  There is one exception, the Gorn voice over was very well done.  Overall, it had a negative impact on immersion for me.

Tasks.  This episode mostly consisted of me running errands for delegates.  I mean actual errands, "Can you go reserve me a holodeck time slot?", "Can you get me a bottle of wine?" and so on.  Do you think Kirk or Picard would be doing any of that?  I don't.

Combat.  Maybe it was just me, but the ground combat seemed glitchy.  I think I had phantom Jem-Hedar running around.  Took me a while to finish that part of the mission, as my science officer is not really a ground power-house on his own.  The space combat portion was decent enough, nothing to really praise though.

I really hope the rest of the episodes are an improvement over this one.  It just didn't feel like it had the same quality of the others.

In other STO news, they will likely make my wallet a little lighter this week.  A DS9 Bundle goes on sale today, which includes a new bridge, ship interior, special duty officers, a shuttle, weapons and costumes.  I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff, so it will be mine.