Friday, February 10, 2012

I guess it is a sport

Until recently, I have never really been on board with the idea of an e-sport.  For most of my life, my idea of en e-sport came from the movie The Wizard.  The one where the kids were playing Super Mario Brothers 3 and Lucas had the Power Glove.  Times are changing though.

I find myself watching a lot of League of Legends streams, especially during competitions.  Much like a real sport, I prefer watching than playing.  Don't get me wrong, Werit can play some basketball.  I just end up watching much more of it than playing.

The reason I watch more LoL than play really comes down to the community.  Games have a tendency of being more stressful than fun.  That's not a problem when watching a live stream game.  I know just enough about how to play to make it interesting.

My team of choice would be Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), mainly because of their constant streaming.  They also can be pretty entertaining, especially since they have a US team and I can understand what they are saying.    During the first week of March, the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship takes place and have $100,000 up for grabs.  It should be pretty interesting.

Sadly, I cannot say the same about Starcraft 2 as an e-sport.  Besides the fact that all of the clicking and jumping around the map makes me feel sick, I just don't enjoy watching the games.  It does seem to have a pretty big e-sport following though.