Monday, February 27, 2012

1.4.5a Update

On Friday, Warhammer Online developer Keaven Freeman hit the forums with an update on the upcoming 1.4.5a patch.  If you remember, 1.4.5 brought us Relics and the revamped Fortresses.  This next patch improves upon what was added and fixes some bugs.

The ETA for 1.4.5 is currently next week (week of March 5th).  You can check out the full post here.  Here are some of the changes we can expect...

“Augment Alliance,” fortress buff indicator, detailing which buffs are active on you and which point they came from

Glad to see this addition.  Feedback is an import part of any game system.

Chance to earn Insignia Clusters of player kills when your realm controls both GvD relics

Better stuff from player kills?  Sign me up!

Barriers have been added to the top of the fortresses, preventing access to the relic(s). These barriers are linked to the Relic Guardian, who must be killed in order to bring the barriers down

This will effectively end the ability to ninja relics.  That's both good and bad, but I'm satisfied with this solution.

A new UI window, allowing you to track: who owns a fortress and its various sub points; for the pairing you’re in, a relic tracker to show you which zone the relic is in right now (for the two pairings you’re not in, the relic tracker simply reports the relic’s location is “distant”); which relics are under your realms control and which are under the enemies control

Yay!  The UI will make the relics much more visible to the player-base and should increase the action.

A Relic Bonus indicator on the character portrait to alert you to what bonuses you have due to relic control

Much like the 1st change, it is import for players to know what is affecting them.

There are a bunch of other good changes coming up in this 'mini' patch, including a number of Tome of Knowledge unlock fixes.  Looking forward to seeing this live next week!