Thursday, August 13, 2015

SWTOR's End Game

Since the announcement of Knights of the Fallen Empire, the End Game of SWTOR has been at the forefront of discussion.  BioWare is doing something different with this expansion, and not adding the typical MMO trappings.  So lets talk a little about the End Game situation.  Note:  these are just my opinions, many others likely feel completely different.

Operations.  The traditional raid.  I don't mind raiding and had a brief career doing it.  Now though,  I have no interest.  I just don't have the blocks of time to devote.  It kinda stunk that BioWare used to put story conclusions in these instances.  

You know what I do like?  Single Operation bosses, like the Monolith on Ziost.  Put that in Group Finder and I'll do it.  Heck, put every Operation boss in Group Finder and I'll be a fan of Operation content.  Make it something I can do in 30 minutes.

PvP (Ranked).  I like PvP quite a bit.  However, I do not enjoy 4 vs 4 Ranked PvP.  There are a couple of reasons.  One, it magnifies the fact that I'm not that good of a player.  Two,  it can be a pretty toxic environment.  

You know what kind of end-game PvP I would like? Large scale open-world PvP.  In Warhammer Online, all I did was PvP, for years.  SWTOR used to have that in Illum, but that has long since died.

Dallies.  I don't like dallies, at all.  It's sad this is considered an end game activity, although some people do enjoy them.  The daily zones that were put out were not that great for story content either.  I have zero interest in this type of content, except for a single run through.

Alts.  I guess this can be considered an End Game activity.  With 12xp, it's one of the more fun ones.  Without 12x, it was pretty boring.  Doing the same side quests over and over does not appeal to me at all.  As nice as this is, the content will be exhausted pretty quickly.

These are just the major End Game activities, there are a number of others:  Conquest, Strongholds, crafting, achievements, and so on.  

Story. With Fallen Empire, BioWare is trying something new and making Story content an End Game activity.  Using monthly content releases, they are giving folks who don't necessarily enjoy the above activities something to look forward to.  It's certainly a challenge, as people can get through this kind of content very quickly.

Mystery. Then there is the 'mystery content.'  I think it was Lady Insanity that mentioned BioWare had some new form of gameplay coming.  That's all we know.  So it may be something, or nothing.  

What's the right kind of End Game?  I think everything above, except dallies ;)  I do hope BioWare is able to give everyone something in the coming year.  I can't wait for the story content though.