Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Crafting gets 'streamlined' in SWTOR

Data miners were able to find information on what crafting will look like in Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Thankfully we have them as BioWare sure isn't talking.  Maybe for good reason.  From what I saw, the changes are not necessarily all good.  We talked about the main stat change yesterday, which is, of course, a big crafting change too.  But what else are they up to?

+  No more rare but not rare green materials.  These were always just frustrating.  Lots of materials are being removed.

+  New sub-component to craft, which will let you consolidate materials and save space

-  Less to craft.  Since there are no more main stats, there is a lot less variety.  Harder to find a niche too.

-  Still no good reason to craft, beyond Conquest and Augments.  I don't need augments and don't enjoy conquest.  Conquest just does not seem profitable to me.

+/-  It seems like crafting materials from Hard-Mode Flashpoints are going to be pretty important.  This provides a good reason to run them, which is a positive.  However, for those of us that don't really like too, it means an added expense.

With crafting changes, I would have hoped for more improvements/expansion.  But, like I said, it's not all bad.  I still don't see a good reason to even have crafting.  Maybe there are interesting things to craft which have not been discovered yet.  As always, I long for SWG crafting.