Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Main Stat Removal in SWTOR

One of the only pieces of news to come out of Gamescom was that main state are being combined in the Fallen Empire Expansion.  The main stats are:  Aim, Cunning, Strength, and Willpower.  They will all now be known as Mastery.  All items will be changed to reflect the change.  Of course, as with any change, some players hate the change and threaten to quit.  Is it really a big deal?

I don't think so.  No choice is being taken away from the player.  All Troopers had to use Aim, like all Imperial Agents had to use Cunning.  The other stats did nothing for you*.  So by replacing them with Mastery, nothing has changed really.  Only now, more gear is relevant, and there is no confusion.

* Some of the primary stats can provide a pretty small power Tech/Force power boost.

Secondary stats/Set bonuses are still there, and will remain the important choice.  One possible issue is loot competition in group content.  It will increase, but secondary stats will still matter to who wants what gear.  Plus, we have no idea if BioWare is changing the drop system.  There has been talk about more personal loot.

I hate when MMO's are dumb'ed down, sorry, streamlined.  However,  I am at a loss trying to find a reason that change does this.  It'll just make things like gearing your companions easier.  We might be losing a little flavor, but it seems like a decent trade.