Thursday, July 3, 2014

SWTOR Housing Impresses

Yesterday, the team at BioWare released their first dev blog about the upcoming housing expansion called Galactic Strongholds.  They go into details about how their housing will work.  It's just the start of their information cycle, so not everything is known yet.

They also finally revealed the most important aspect of player housing, how decoration is done.  Sadly, it will not be free-form like SWG, EQ2, or WildStar.  Instead it uses hooks, but it is not as restrictive as it sounds.  Check out the nice graphic below.

If it is not showing up, you can check it out on the dev blog page.  It shows a pretty flexible hook system.  There also seems to be quite a lot of hooks to go around.  You can even adjust the size of hooks and have overlap.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much can be done with it.  I was never as wildly creative as some folks though.

Want even more information?  Dulfy posted a Q&A from the Galactic Living livestream.