Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New ESO Solo Content

Elder Scrolls Online went to QuakeCon this year and held a panel about the future of the game.   They even live-streamed it for everyone to see.  Sadly, I had a prior engagement at an ice cream parlor, so I missed it.  As usual, Dulfy was all over it and posted an excellent recap.  There was a ton of information revealed, enough for multiple posts.  

The biggest news, for me, was that they are working on a new solo PvE zone called Wrothgar!  I have been wondering what kind of additions they are going to do for solo players.  Now we know.  There is no information about who it is intended for, but I imagine it'll be an endgame zone.  It looks to be Orc heavy as it includes their ancestral capital Orsinium.   

I have a long way to go before I'll be able to play the new zone.  However, it is nice to know it'll be there waiting for me.  When?  No one knows yet.  All we really know is that Update 3 will be about guilds.  I'm pretty excited none the less.